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AAA Dalton Paint Removal Victoria can safely and efficiently remove layers of paint and grime residue that has built up on you heritage brickwork for all those years bringing your home or building back to its original condition.

AAA Dalton Paint Removal Victoria's Ron Dalton has the knowledge and expertise to repair and restore giving your home extra value and beauty.

AAA Dalton Damp Course Replacement Victoria can repair the damp course on your home or building rectifying rising damp issues.

AAA Dalton Damp Course Replacement Victoria will also rebuild damaged brickwork  and replace crumbling mortar as a result of rising damp issues.

AAA Dalton Damp Course Replacement Victoria actually replaces the water proofing membrane and rebuilds the 

                                            brickwork this process is especially suited to older and heritage style homes and buildings.

AAA Dalton Tuckpointing Victoria restores and repairs all types of heritage brickwork.

Tuckpointing is the process of rebuilding damaged heritage brickwork and restoring it back to its original condition.To increase the value of your home we can restore the damaged Tuckpointing to heritage homes and buildings and match existing brickwork and mortar.

AAA Dalton Tuckpointing firstly rakes out the old mortar to, prepare the job, then new mortar is replaced and the Tuckpointing line is pressed on, once the job is completed the brick facade is cleaned.

                                              Once the Tuckpointing has been completed it lasts for years and the original beauty and value to your home is